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Dues are $20.00 per calendar year that goes for website, supplies, and other organizational costs. The Association is open to veterinarians, veterinary techinicians and veterinary students interest in non-traditional companion animals. Our website is Our meetings count for Washington State CE.

 Please check on the website to see your status of membership (year current in parenthesis). Also check that other information for you is correct.

 Because we changed our bank account to a savings one held jointly by Cathy and Anneliese to save bank fees, dues checks should be made out to Cathy Johnson-Delaney and in your notes/subject line put in For ANAEV.

 Note: your email address is not listed on the website but is for ANAEV use only.

 Dues remittance: CA J-Delaney, 13813 65th Ave W, #7, Edmonds, 98026-3517.






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Association formed in 1991